Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well, like they say, this could be the start of something big!

I've started this blog to encourage  an ongoing discussion around the subject of creating "A Life of Passion and Joy". I would argue that this is something that everyone can pursue and, over time, raise their level of satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, and purpose in life. The blog is intended to support the material presented in the class with the same title. This is currently an open blog and anyone can participate but the discussion will be significantly more meaningful if the participant is in the process of working through the classroom material.

Also, please consider that this material can, and probably should, be used not as a one-time classroom exercise but in a life-long process of development toward greater levels of the above named pursuits.

This material is one of my passions. I've been reading about topics in this area of human development and collecting material for a number of years now and so, as you might imagine, I'm anxious to share it with others. We are all on this life journey and we can walk together and encourage each other along the way. I know from my experience with this material that it can take some significant thinking time to get the most from this experience. Plan to spend the time it takes to work through all the exercises. Connect with a one or more partners outside the class to do the homework and spend the time to do the work. Remember it's mostly about what you do with the material outside the classroom.

I pray that you are excited and expectant, as I am, of significant positive changes in your life and I look forward to the discoveries and new possibilites that we are about to create!

Deke Schnell

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